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About Me

Hey there! My name is Vincent - I'm a fourth-year undergrad at the University of Southern California's Iovine & Young Academy where I study Art, Technology, and the Business of Innovation. I'm also minoring in Business Finance.

I am fascinated by new technologies, obsessed with great design, and drawn to inspiring people. The restless entrepreneurial spirit and exciting startup ecosystem is what I live for. Currently, I work as the Asian Market Analyst at Mira Reality, a Sequoia-backed Augmented Reality startup that a couple of classmates started. Previously, I worked as a Venture Capital Analyst at The Westly Group, where I helped research and source investments in sustainability and resource-efficiency.

At heart, I'm a creative who loves tinkering with art & design. You can check out some of my passion projects and creative works here

In my free time, I enjoy drawing, swimming, poker, culinary arts & mixology, and fanboying the NBA while destroying all my friends at fantasy basketball.